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Q-1. ang Hua Machinery products have the warranty period?

A-1. for any manufacturing defect caused problems, reasons for non-human problem, our customer service service policy is one year free warranty period.

The machine of defective parts do find Q-2. warranty period?

A-2. ang Hua has the obligation to provide you with a free replacement parts as necessary, but you need to pay the express fee

Fault Q-3. machine accident, what should we do?

A-3. if there is such a problem, although the possibility very little, ang Hua engineering technical personnel will soon find out the cause of the problem, and then to provide you with the troubleshooting program and replacement of defective parts

Engineering and technical personnel of whether Q-4. can be sent to the factory to install expensive China machine?

A-4. we can send technical personnel to the factory gas installation machine, at the same time, free of charge to assist your training of technical personnel, handgrip hand church they master the basic operation and machine daily maintenance work

Q-5. how much do you charge for sending door-to-door installation and commissioning of the machine?

A-5. company only charge the actual costs incurred, as far as possible to buy the biggest ticket discount ticket, but the Chinese engineering and technical personnel in the local all costs, including catering accommodation and transportation fees from the customer account

After Q-6. years, our machine if you need an overhaul, ang Hua can give us what help?

A-6. when you use for several years, your machine will certainly needs a complete overhaul and maintenance of technical personnel, then you are usually on the machine has been fully familiar with the technical staff, so you usually have to do this work, ang Hua will also give you to provide technical support and all the necessary accessories. If you still need the Chinese engineering and technical personnel to the scene to guide, charging items also apply the above provisions

Q-7. ang Hua can always provide the necessary spare parts and accessories for us?

A-7. ang Hua: the best to use two years of spare parts and accessories and consumables

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